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I was born in New Haven, CT to Dutch parents - my father a famous Geophysicist/GeoChemist, Dr. Minze Stuiver and a loving mother, Anneke Hubbelmeijer-Stuiver, a very talented painter, philosopher and historian. Growing up we were encouraged to explore our creative sides, which for me involved playing the piano, sewing school clothes and oil painting classes. Fast forward....during graduate school and post-doc life, I was very involved with wood-working and built much of my office, living room and bedroom furniture while experimenting in a molecular biology lab. Painting was also revisited in the form of watercolors. 


In the late 90's I re-discovered colored fabrics - and fell in love with quilting.  At one time I was a member of 3 quilt guilds - went to a number of art quilt classes, invested in EQ software and off I went!  I purchased my first Bernina Sewing/Embroidery machine off of Ebay!! In 2002, my love for glass was realized in the form of my first glass-blowing class at the UCSD craft center.  This connected me to other ways to create glass designs through glass fusion within a kiln.  Even cold working the glass is intriguing!  I hope some day to marry wood and glass/quilts and glass.  I hope you enjoy the photos of my recent creations - Please let me know if there is something specific I might be able to create for you!!

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